At SeniorNet Cambridge

We provide digital skills to enable older adults to become computer literate in a friendly and enjoyable way - whatever you have -desktops, laptops, PC or Mac, iPads and Android tablets, iPhones and other smartphones, printers and routers, Facebook, Skype, TradeMe.

We aim to teach you how to use your technology to do the things you want, in simple to understand terms.

While many of our members are seniors, we do not refuse assistance to any adult needing help with their technology.

Who are we?

Your tutors are just ordinary people who volunteer to learn together with you, at your pace.

Interested in Joining?

Just click here to  begin your journey to enhance your Digital Skills.  Alternatively, phone 07 823 5136 and leave a message with your details and we will return your call.

Membership is a requirement to attend courses and workshops.  Personal Help sessions are available to both members and non-members.  Alternatively, send us an inquiry - refer to the "Contact" tab in the menu on every page.


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What's happening at SeniorNet Cambridge


We are not currently operating under L4 and L3 restrictions.

Business will resume when we move to L2

Personal Help sessions:

By appointment.
Members and Non-Members welcome

Contact Martin for assistance 07-839 4179 during business hours


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