Your renewal subscription

SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE NOW DUE 01 JANUARY – 31 DECEMBER 2023.  $35 per person, or $60 for a couple, for 12 months.  $30 single and $50 couple if paid by 31 March each year.  $20 per person after 1 July.

 To qualify for all Courses, Special Interest Groups and our regular Newsletter, you must be a Financial Member

A new member name card will be issued to you each year on receipt of your subscription.

Receipts are not posted in order to minimise costs, but are available on request.

One-on-One sessions     $15 /hour – club, $20 /hour – home, $25 /hour non-members

Courses                               $10 to $40 per person

Workshops and clinics   $10 for members, $15 for non members

For more information call Muriel on 07-829 6190 or email her at

Internet Banking.

It is helpful for our volunteer treasurer if you pay by internet banking.  Please make sure you identify yourself  by filling in the particulars, otherwise we don’t know who has paid the money.

Details are:

Payee name:                     SeniorNet Cambridge

Bank A/C no:                    03 1568  0165603 00

Particulars:                       Enter your surname

Code:                                   Sub

Reference:                       Your phone number


Other options to join/pay

Option 1

Click on:  Click to download a renewal form

  • Complete and take it with you to a meeting or workshop

Option 2

  • Join a monthly meeting on 3rd Monday of each month at 9.30 am
  • Complete an application form while there
  • Pay by cash